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Berkley, CA

TCHO is a luxury chocolate maker based in Berkeley, California. TCHO works with cacao bean farmers and cooperatives to improve growing, fermentation, and drying methods.



  • TCHO is a new kind of chocolate company for a new generation of chocolate enthusiasts.
  • TCHO is where technology meets chocolate; where Silicon Valley start-up meets San Francisco Bay Area food culture.
  • TCHO is obsessively good dark chocolate.
  • TCHO is direct, transparent connection between the farmers and the consumers, from the pod to the palate, from high concept to sensual experience.
  • TCHO is an innovative method for you to discover the chocolate you like best.
  • TCHO is a new way to discover your chocolate. TCHO has developed a new method (taxonomy) to help you find the chocolate you like, using common sense descriptors like “”Chocolatey”, “Fruity”, “Nutty”, and “Cirtus”.


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