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Costers del Priorat Pissarres 2015 

  • Region: Priorat, Spain
  • Grape: 60% Samsó (Carignan), 40% Garnatxa Style: Bold & Opulent
  • Style: Bold & Opulent
This wine concentrates the world of colours and aromatic sensations that we find when walking along any path in Priorat. Dark red, depth, the energy and wisdom of the selected ‘costers’. The palate is complex. It has ripe fruit, memories of the Mediterranean brushwood and a sharp, cold note which is the characteristic mark of the llicorella slate soils’ extreme minerality.

About the Region

Priorat, Spain

Priorat is a small but renowned red winemaking region located just south of Barcelona, Spain. Those of you who have an obsession for bold red wines gravitate to places like Priorat. Inspired by French quality winemaking and the dramatic nature of Priorat’s vineyards, a handful of winemakers decided to reclaim Priorat for quality wine in the late 1980s. They took a risk and attempted to make great wine in the mountains outside of Barcelona. Their ambition worked wonders. ~WineFolly

Samsó, the Catalan grape

The Samsó or Carignan, is a black grape variety. The Carignan grape is very small and compact, of medium grain, round in its shape and of a bluish to black color. It contains lots of juice and plenty of sweet flavors. It is a productive variety but sensitive to diseases. It buds late and is therefor not affected by early spring frosts. Wines made by

using Carignan have little body, little color but a strong fruity taste. The large amount of tannins makes it suitable for aging, especially if it has been blended with Garnatxa.

Food Pairing

Grilled meats –lamb, Iberian pork, beef stand as the ideal harmony of this wine. But there are other less obvious choices. For example, it goes very well with creamy and slightly fat dishes such as mushroom cannelloni, white bean casseroles, chorizo with potato, tuna-based stews and classic risottos.

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